eTown’s mission is to educate, entertain and inspire a diverse audience through music and conversation in order to create a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable world.


Nick Forster & Jane Goodall / eTowneTown is a nonprofit, nationally syndicated radio broadcast/podcast, multimedia and events production company.  Since 1991, eTown has produced musical, social and environmental programming to uplift and inspire listeners around the world. The eTown community comes for the music, and stays for the message. The shows are recorded in front of a live audience, in our solar powered theater, eTown Hall, which also serves as a social and environmental hub for community events.

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eChievement Award - Dr. Rick Hodes

Since 1991, eTown has presented the eChievement Award to hundreds of folks from all over the world who are helping to make their communities a better place. Winners are nominated by our listeners and interviewed on-air about their extraordinary community work. Stories range from feeding the hungry to cleaning up the environment to housing the homeless.

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eTown's Handmade SongseTown’s Handmade Songs Series is a songwriting program for high school students to exhibit and expand their creativity, and to learn about music production in a professional setting. Best of all, IT’S FREE! Each year, twenty students are selected from audio submissions to perform at eTown Hall. Of those twenty, five finalists will receive the opportunity to record their original composition in the eTown studio!

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The eTones / eTown

(L to R  Christian Teele,  Nick Forster, Helen Forster,  Ron Jolly, Chris Engleman)

eTown’s house band, the eTones, have played with so many world class musicians in so many styles throughout the years, that they just know and love MUSIC!

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