Community and eTown

There was a time when, in order to be a part of a “community”, you had to be in a common physical location and share either common values or interests. Now, in the age of the internet, people connect worldwide around common interests or values. When we send a radio show out every week, we have no way of knowing who it will reach, how it will reach them or how it will affect them. Of course, our hope is that our audience is entertained and inspired by our show. Even more, we hope that they will reach out to us and reach out to others who feel the same way. That way, we can begin to create a community, a loose affiliation of people who enjoy the music that we present, who are moved by the amazing stories of our E-chievement Award winners, who are reminded that we’re all in this together and that everybody can and does make a difference. This all may sound a little sappy, but it’s why we do what we do.

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