Recent Listener Feedback

“You’re eTown program is amazing.”

-Listener Vickie Borowitz, Champlin MN


“Thank you for recognizing people who are just trying to make our world better, and for using music as a forum that can bring anyone, anywhere, together.”

-Listener Richard Gustafson, North Canaan CT


“”I’ve listened to your show for years. Appreciate the message that you’re getting out there on the airwaves. Excited to come to your theater next time I’m in Colorado.”

-Listener Connie Shipley, Portland OR


“”eTown is the best part of my Sunday morning: outstanding guests and excellent music.”

-Listener Eurick Morris, Longwood FL


“I love what you do… I have never been disappointed. Looking forward to getting the eTown newsletter…”

-Listener Tom Gannon, West Newbury MA