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eTown inspires people to smile, think, connect, contemplate, engage and persevere.

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This program offers some of the most inspiring things I hear each week. I often weep with joy when I listen. Keep passing it on. I will do the same.
-Listener John Barton, Wasilla, Alaska

In places where it is often difficult to find like-minded connections for social stimulation and growth, eTown has become like an old friend passing through sharing news, a new story and song. Thanks for being a window into a much bigger world, illuminating a community I may have never seen otherwise.
-Tim Robertson, Hannibal, Missouri

  • E-Chievement Award winners provide information about social and environmental challenges with stories that are models for engagement in the world, through which we learn that each of us can make a difference.
  • eTown’s ripple effect generates thousands of dollars for small organizations, E-Chievement Award winners, helping build a better world.
  • eTown enriches audiences through the passionate art of music and insight into the artists who create it.

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