Recent Past Winners

  • Barry Saltman

    Barry Saltman

    Aired the week of 4/16/2014 - Show #1416

    After almost thirty years of running a for-profit medical practice, Dr. Barry Saltman and nurse practitioner wife Suzanne decided left their full time practice to give back to their community. They starting running a free medical clinic one night a week, but after seeing the…

  • Will McNulty and Jake Wood

    Will McNulty and Jake Wood

    Aired the week of 4/9/2014 - Show #1415

    In 2010, former Marines Will McNulty and Jake Wood were living on opposite sides of the country deciding what to do with their civilian lives. When a devastating earthquake struck Haiti that winter, Will and Jake traveled to Haiti with a team of medics, doctors, and military…

  • Jane Goodall

    Jane Goodall

    Aired the week of 4/2/2014 - Show #1414

    At the age of 26, Jane Goodall set off from her home in England into present day Tanzania to study wild chimpanzees with nothing but a pair of binoculars and a notebook. Continuing this 1960’s landmark study of the relationships between humans and animals, Jane went on to…

  • Gabrielle Posard

    Gabrielle Posard

    Aired the week of 3/26/2014 - Show #1413

    Gabrielle Posard first learned about the problem of hunger in this country when her older sister did a film project on food distributions to active military families. Gabrielle learned two things from her sister that shocked her: She learned that 1 in 7 working class and low…

  • Terry Tempest Williams

    Terry Tempest Williams

    Aired the week of 3/19/2014 - Show #1413

    Known for her impassioned and lyrical prose, Terry Tempest Williams is the author of numerous works, including the environmental literature classic Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place.…

  • Alex Freid

    Alex Freid

    Aired the week of 3/12/2014 - Show #1411

    Alex Freid was a freshman in college when he noticed that as students moved out of their dorms and apartments, the trash on campus became so out of control that the dumpsters were literally overflowing. He also noticed that most of this trash wasn't trash at all; much of the…

  • Josh Nesbit

    Aired the week of 3/5/2014 - Show #1410

    Josh Nesbit was planning to be a doctor and focusing on Global Health at Stanford University when he decided to experience first-hand the needs of impoverished, remote hospitals in developing countries. He traveled to Malawi and found the conditions truly abysmal: a single…

  • Korrine Kreilkamp

    Korrine Kreilkamp

    Aired the week of 2/26/2014 - Show #1409

    As an avid gardener, Korrine Kreilkamp often had excess produce from her vegetable garden, and she also noticed this surplus at the twice weekly farmer's market in her town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. She knew this unused and unsold produce would largely go to waste and not to the…