Brian Davies

Aired the week of 12/25/13 - #1352

Brian Davies originally received the E-Chievement Award from eTown in 1993 for the work he did as an activist including founding the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). The nonprofit was started in 1969 to stop the commercial hunt and brutal slaughter of Canadian seal pups. Brian, a one time military man, was the effort’s most vocal advocate and spokesperson. Today, IFAW works to protect animals in more than 40 countries and Brian continues to work on the behalf of animal welfare around the world. We catch up with him in eTown to hear about his current efforts and hear how he got his start as an activist.


Contact Information:

Web Address for International Fund for Animal Welfare:
Phone: 508.744.2000
Address: 1350 Connecticut Avenue NW Suite 1220 | Washington, DC 20036