James Chippendale & Mike Peters

Aired the week of 02/19/14 - #1408

James and Mike were drawn together by two things: they both survived life threatening battles with cancer and have a serious love for music.  Together they brainstormed ways in which they could give back and make a positive difference. The result is an international organization that rocks, literally. Along with fundraising concerts in remote locations to buy medical equipment, the Love Hope Strength Foundation also partners with hundreds of musicians and venues to spread awareness of nearly painless bone marrow transplant procedures and the International Bone Marrow Database. To date they have added over 20,000 people to the list.

Contact Information:

Website: lovehopestrength.org
Email: info@lovehopestrength.org
Phone: 720.379.7013
Address: 4956 Colfax Ave. | Denver, CO 80220