Micki LeSueur

Aired the week of 12/18/13 - #1351

In 2006 Micki and her family decided not to splurge on each other; instead they agreed to help a family in need for the holidays. While looking into that idea, Micki stumbled onto a real need that was not being met and changed the focus of their efforts to help others. You see, hundreds of impoverished children in Chicago’s school system go without basic winter clothing even in the coldest of months. To help remedy that she started Coat Angels and every year Micki, her family, and a growing group of dedicated volunteers work to keep children warm. This year they will have provided over 3,000 youngsters with essential, new clothing to face the winter in.


Contact Information:

Website: www.coatangels.com
Email: Micki@CoatAngels.com
Phone: 773.761.6190
Address: 2554 West Morse Ave. Chicago, Il 60645