eTown Hall History

1918: The congregation of Boulder Church of the Nazarene purchases the lot at 16th and Spruce

1922: The congregation hand excavates the basement, puts a roof over it and begins to hold church services.

1925: The second floor of the rustic stone church building is completed and the Nazarenes begin holding services in the sanctuary.

1943: The congregation continues to renovate the church themselves during their personal free time. The renovations include the expansion of the fa├žade, removal of the bell tower, completely covering the stone exterior with stucco, adding a steel truss roof and a loft for the choir.

1944: The renovations are completed, and the congregation resumes holding services in the newly expanded space.

1959: A gymnasium is added to the north of the church built of cement block.

1960: Volunteers build additional classrooms with masonry blocks, adding 6,550 ft. of floor space to the existing structure.

1980: The building is sold to Unity Church.

1991: The building is sold to The Salvation Army.

1996: Boulder developer Stephen Tebo purchases the building.

2008: eTown purchases the building from Stephen Tebo and begins planning to renovate and transform the structure into eTown Hall.

2009: eTown embarks on a capital campaign to raise funds for the extensive renovation and restoration of the historic building.

2012: eTown Hall opens its doors to the Boulder community.