Show Number: 0232

Air Dates: August 7, 2002 - August 13, 2002

Tape Date: August 18, 2000

E-Chievement Award: Julie Woods

With one of the most distinctive and powerful voices in popular music, Joan Osborne continues to add new material and bring new energy to her earlier work as she makes a return visit to e-town with her touring band. Joan talks about how studying traditional Indian music and other Asian musical scales influenced her approach to pop music. Joining the e-town stage for this encore broadcast is singer/songwriter Matthew Ryan who is a working-class man, already pegged in the press as another passionate lyricist compared to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen. Plus, an inspiring e-chievement award is presented this week right here in e-town!

Show #0232
August 18, 2000


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