Show Number: 1326

Air Dates: June 26, 2013 - July 2, 2013

E-Chievement Award: Brad Ludden

eTown hosts Nick & Helen Forster welcome back a couple of eTown veterans for this week’s encore broadcast. Blues Traveler made their first stop in eTown nearly 10 years ago, and we are lucky to have them back with us. Originating in Princeton, New Jersey in 1987, this globetrotting band, led by harmonica virtuoso John Popper, has continued to top charts over the last 25 years. Ruthie Foster, gifted Austin-based singer/songwriter, also joins us (Nick & Helen and the eTones back up her bluesy, down-home tunes). Plus, an inspiring E-Chievement Award story, told to us by our ‘in person, on-stage’ winner. There’s great stuff for everyone, this week in eTown.


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