Show Number: 1318

Air Dates: May 1, 2013 - May 7, 2013

E-Chievement Award: Dave Talbot

eTown revisits a popular broadcast featuring two musicians who embody the spirit of eTown’s mission of combining music with conversation to make a better world. eTown favorite Brett Dennen is well known for his great lyrics as well as an unwavering dedication to environmental and social activism. Brett returns to eTown in this re-airing, this time with his full band in tow. And Nick & Helen Forster and the eTones provide musical support to eTown first-timer Razia Said, who hails from Madagascar. She has dedicated her musical career to raising awareness of the critical impact of slash and burn agriculture and climate change in her native country. There will of course be an inspiring E-Chievement Award story, too. Be sure to tune in or podcast!

Show #1318


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