Show Number: 1247

Air Dates: November 21, 2012 - November 27, 2012

E-Chievement Award: Stefan Olson

eTown is on the road again, this time headed to Fort Collins, Colorado for a special rebroadcast of our first show at CSU’s Griffin Concert Hall. eTown is thrilled to welcome back veteran eTown performers and Grammy winners, Los Lobos. For 30 years this band has made their mark with a powerful mix of Spanish-Mexican inspired, original rock and traditional tunes. It’s been eight years since they were last on the show, so it’s very exciting to have them with us. And the local Ft. Collins group SHEL joins us for their debut performance in eTown. These four, young, classically trained musicians (who happen to be sisters) have an eclectic sound that’s both sophisticated and lighthearted. And of course, we’ll have a truly inspiring E-Chievement Award for you too. It’s an hour of fine music and great conversation.  So, join us this week in eTown!


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Show #1247


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