Show Number: 1307

Air Dates: February 13, 2013 - February 19, 2013

E-Chievement Award: Ron Manganiello

In this encore broadcast/podcast, eTown heads East for a show in Baltimore at the gloriously beautiful Hippodrome Theater. Joining us are two talented artists who’ve been with us before: Moby and Suzanne Vega. Since releasing his first single ‘Go’ in 1991, Moby has become a household name; so far he’s sold over 20,000,000 record copies of his music worldwide! He’s a socially/environmentally aware, soulful guy to be sure and he’s also funny as can be (don’t miss Nick’s conversation with him!) Musically, this is a special, musically pared down acoustic set for Moby. Suzanne Vega also takes the stage, with her friend and guitarist Gerry Leonard. A leading figure in the folk music revival of the 1980′s, she has continued to write great songs and has performed around the world to rave reviews. Tune in for all this, plus an uplifting E-Chievement Award story, this week, in eTown.

Show #1307


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