Show Number: 1408

Air Dates: February 19, 2014 - February 25, 2014

E-Chievement Award: James Chippendale & Mike Peters

Hosts Nick and Helen Forster welcome up-and-coming British act The Dunwells: In just two short years, The Dunwells have managed to transport their music from the pubs, clubs and open mic nights of Leeds, England to sharing the stage with such artists as Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Mumford and Sons. Rounding out the show is legendary Texas musician Joe Ely, whose genre-crossing career has found him performing with everyone from Bruce Springsteen, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett to even The Clash. It’s a full episode of great music and conversation, and a moving E-Chievement Award story this week, in eTown.

Show #1408


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