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The Not Lazy but Certainly Crazy Days of Summer . . And the Scoop on this Week’s Show:

Man oh man, talk about those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! Well, I can’t say it’s felt lazy, things have been really hectic. But I will say with confidence that it’s felt crazy these last few weeks, so much ‘crazy’ going on both here in the US and around the world, from passenger planes […]

Thoughts About Stupid . . Plus Info About This Week’s eTown Episode’s Musical Guests

Hi all, Well I know its old ‘news’ and I normally hate to respond to ridiculous individuals who say stupid things. But I just had to weigh in on Ann Coulter and her hysterical rants against . . wait for it . . soccer. I guess I should be grateful that soccer has distracted Ann, […]

Music Made By Wolves and Trappers

Walt Disney was right. It is a small world after all. I think I realize this more and more each year I grow older. It’s funny how minor details can turn into connections later in life. Maybe a person you grew up with becomes connected to someone you won’t meet for five years. A place […]

Solar Roadways? Plus Lake Street Dive & Eilen Jewell on this Week’s Installment of eTown:

I was just talking with a pal the other day about the fact that we here at eTown have been bringing guests on to talk about things like sustainability, environmental stewardship, social justice and building healthy, sustainable communities for well over two decades (man, where did the time go?). I always joke and say that […]

Four Turntables and a Microphone

I spent several years as a closet punk in my early teens. I was a skateboarder. Big time. If I wasn’t at school or in bed, I was on a skateboard cruising through the neighborhood or gathering with other like-minded skaters at an old, abandoned gas station that we had all made into our “spot.” […]

This week’s show with Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott

Hi everyone! I’m back bloggin’ it after a few weeks absence. Thanks to Zack for doing a killer job of covering while I took a break; he was SO good at it that I’ve asked him to continue to share the blog with me, he’s a great writer with a very cool perspective and I’m […]

The Kids Are Going To Be Alright

From as far back as I can remember as a child, I wanted to play the drums. It all started with the clicking sounds our dishwasher made when you’d turn it on. My Mom tells me that as early as I could stand on my own in the kitchen, I’d dance to the off rhythms […]

Two Big Voices On One Stage

This week in eTown, we take a look at two artists that are connected by the land that surrounds them. I moved to Colorado from Tennessee in the spring of 1999.  My first order of  business was to find people to play music with, and entrench myself in the bountiful music scene that the Front […]

Two Legends In A Solar-Powered Music Barn

Hi everybody, Greetings from eTown – a magical place where music gets played, songs get recorded in a state-of-the-art recording studio, art exhibits happen in the basement, and films and videos get created and sent on their way.  In the midst of all that happens here at eTown Hall on a weekly basis, it is […]

The Icon and the Newbie . . This Week in eTown!

We’ve got the best and the brightest for you this week, a seasoned musical veteran and a solidly talented newcomer who is creating quite a buzz in the music industry. Legendary blues/rock icon Big Al Anderson is back with us for his second trip to eTown. Well known for his long tenure with the iconic band […]