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Gomez and Ariana Gillis on the eTown broadcast/podcast this week!

Hi folks – Zack here, filling in for Helen this week on the blog, to let you know a little bit about the great broadcast/podcast in store for you this week. This week we’re dipping into the archives to bring you a special encore broadcast/podcast featuring two visiting acts who got their start outside of […]

A Classic eTown broadcast/podcast . . And Thoughts About Patience:

eTown friend Arlo Guthrie joins us for this encore airing (as one of the most popular eTown programs we’ve offered in the past several years, you’ve let us know you’d like another chance to catch it): At the time we originally aired this one, it had been over a dozen years since Arlo had last […]

Helpful Festival Tips! And This Week’s Airing Info:

Hey, first of all, our sincere best wishes to Ted Dwane of Mumford & Sons for a fast and solid recovery. Scary stuff, especially for one so young; all of us at eTown are so glad he’s doing well and out of danger. Mumford & Sons were on the show a few years back, and […]

Charlie Musselwhite AND Cyndi Lauper . . Who Could Ask For More?

Let me warn you, we have one full eTown program for you this week, crammed with great music as well as compelling conversation; definitely worth tuning in for: For one thing, joining us is Grammy winning, pop music icon Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi continues to mix things up as she’s always done in her career. In the […]

An icon comes to eTown …

If I had only one word to describe Judy Collins, it would be “incredible.” Seriously. Man oh man. Where do I begin? First of all, she sings like an angel; and her voice is as strong as it ever was. You hear her live and you cannot help but think, “How does she still SING […]

Birthday fun … and news about this week’s broadcast/podcast

First of all, thanks so much to all of our friends and fans who passed along happy birthday wishes to both Nick and me (for those of you who don’t know, the two of us share the same birthday, May 16). We were truly touched by all of your kindness and well wishes. So, the […]

Short and Sweet: Here’s the scoop on this week’s show, airing the week of May 15 – May 21:

Hi! Unfortunately I’m under the weather this week, so I will skip my usual musing and get right to this week’s program: Nick and I get to welcome some old friends: the Irish musical group Solas and brilliant songwriter, musician, conceptual artist, and poet Terry Allen. “Solas” is Gaelic for “light”; kind of perfect, really, when describing these guys […]

Big Reasons . . To be Grateful in General AND To Tune in to eTown this Week!

Been thinking lately about some big reasons to do certain things. Vague statement, I know, but stay with me and read on. First, some big reasons to catch this week’s show: Singer/songwriter Darrell Scott is definitely one of my very most favorite people on the planet. He’s a true gentleman, a loving father and husband, […]

The passing of Richie Havens

Dear friends, We are indeed saddened to hear of the passing of eTown friend Richie Havens. He was a sweet, present, kind-hearted, gracious and elegant man. He will forever be remembered, both for his incredible music (so many recognize him as an iconic symbol of Woodstock – who can forget his improvised song ‘Freedom’) and […]

Senator Udall Swings By . . Plus the Scoop on this Week’s Show!

As Nick sometimes says, “Holy Samolians!” Have we got a show for you this week! World-class artists Marcia Ball and Paul Thorn join us for a program steeped in the musical traditions of the American south, with a generous serving of great conversation to go along with the music: Marcia Ball is an old friend, one we’ve known […]