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This Week’s Show: Great Music and A Special eChievement Award!

Man oh man. I love my gig. Singing, writing, editing, research . . always lots to do but all interesting, stimulating, rewarding stuff. One of THE most satisfying things I do here at eTown is producing the eChievement Award (along with my incredible assistant Steph Ladroga). I guess a big part of that for me is […]

Thoughts on my Dad and Labor Day . . . Plus, Details About this Week’s Show

Labor Day is this weekend, and somehow it always reminds me of my Dad. Mostly from an experience I had that I’ll tell you about in a moment. But first let me quickly share some things about my Pop. An immigrant, my father arrived from what was then Yugoslavia ‘on the boat’ at the age […]

Farewell to a Brilliant Soul . . and Info on This Week’s Program:

I’m sure that most of you were as sad as I was to hear of Robin Williams’ passing. I’m not going to speculate on the why nor dwell on the how. I would rather just ask you to join me in celebrating a brilliant soul who graced this planet for far too short a time. […]

The Not Lazy but Certainly Crazy Days of Summer . . And the Scoop on this Week’s Show:

Man oh man, talk about those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! Well, I can’t say it’s felt lazy, things have been really hectic. But I will say with confidence that it’s felt crazy these last few weeks, so much ‘crazy’ going on both here in the US and around the world, from passenger planes […]

Thoughts About Stupid . . Plus Info About This Week’s eTown Episode’s Musical Guests

Hi all, Well I know its old ‘news’ and I normally hate to respond to ridiculous individuals who say stupid things. But I just had to weigh in on Ann Coulter and her hysterical rants against . . wait for it . . soccer. I guess I should be grateful that soccer has distracted Ann, […]

Music Made By Wolves and Trappers

Walt Disney was right. It is a small world after all. I think I realize this more and more each year I grow older. It’s funny how minor details can turn into connections later in life. Maybe a person you grew up with becomes connected to someone you won’t meet for five years. A place […]

Nothing Beats a Great Story

There’s nothing like a good story, right?? Storytelling just might be one of the oldest art forms out there in the world. The masterpieces are not hanging on the wall in a museum, or in some gallery. They are passed down from generation to generation-through spoken word. Lucky for us, this week’s encore broadcast/podcast is […]

Solar Roadways? Plus Lake Street Dive & Eilen Jewell on this Week’s Installment of eTown:

I was just talking with a pal the other day about the fact that we here at eTown have been bringing guests on to talk about things like sustainability, environmental stewardship, social justice and building healthy, sustainable communities for well over two decades (man, where did the time go?). I always joke and say that […]

Four Turntables and a Microphone

I spent several years as a closet punk in my early teens. I was a skateboarder. Big time. If I wasn’t at school or in bed, I was on a skateboard cruising through the neighborhood or gathering with other like-minded skaters at an old, abandoned gas station that we had all made into our “spot.” […]

Solar-Powered Music Mecca

When I envisioned a fully operational eTown Hall many years ago, I imagined a place where all sorts of musical and community activities could take place simultaneously. If this past week is any indication, we’re well on our way to realizing our vision as being the most active, interesting and energy efficient music-making hub in […]