Sam Berkow

Sam Berkow

Principal Consultant, SIA Acoustics


Sam Berkow is the founding member of SIA Acoustics and SIA Software Company, Inc.. Mr. Berkow began his career in the field of acoustics as an acoustical consultant with Artec Consultants, studying the design of musical performance spaces under the tutelage of the late Russell Johnson. Mr. Berkow’s research into design and measurement has been focused on finding practical solutions to both the acoustical, electro-acoustical and recording problems of performance and production spaces. Mr. Berkow has worked on the acoustical designs for both indoor and outdoor venues.

In addition to his design work, Mr. Berkow is the creator of SIA-SMAART, the industry leading acoustic measurement and sound system optimization software package. This system has become the industry standard tool for providing acoustical measurement and sound system optimization capabilities. SIA-Smaart allows system performance to be optimized to the acoustical environment.

Mr. Berkow was the acoustical designer of the concert venues for the new home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, as well as the Pearl at the Palms (a 2600 seat concert venue), the Studios of AirShow Mastering, the Renovation of the Hollywood Bowl, the Grand Ole Opry, The New Remote Truck (called The Polar Express) for Remote Recording, The Jazz Standard, and the Dennis Riese Family Studio at the Clive Davis School at NYU.

Mr. Berkow’s educational background includes a Masters degree in Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology