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Handmade Songs – TRASH

eTown’s Handmade Songs Series is a program in which high school songwriters are given the opportunity to perform at eTown Hall in front of a live audience. Rather than focusing on performance or other superficial criteria often weighted in musical competitions, the entire program focus is on songwriting.

At least five students are awarded the opportunity to team up with industry professionals to produce their single and a music video in eTown’s state-of-the-art recording studio and production facility. eTown provides renowned producers, sound engineers, videographers, professional musicians, world-class equipment and facilities to ensure the highest quality of production. Students often use their finished work to apply to college-level music programs or begin their career in the arts.

The eTown Handmade Songs program is on hold for 2020.

The Finalists Received:

  • An opportunity to record their original song in eTown’s state-of-the-art recording studio!
  • Collaboration with a professional producer and production crew
  • Mentorship on navigating the music industry
  • A polished version of their song in eTown’s Handmade Songs Vol. 8 CD
  • A video of their recording process

Fall 2017 Handmade Songs

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Spring 2017 Handmade Songs

In the Spring of 2017, eTown’s Handmade Songs Program expanded to Ft. Collins for our 6th edition with a Spring program held at The Armory in downtown Ft. Collins!

eTown initiated an audition process for local students and invited over 25 high school songwriters to perform their original songs in front of an audience. A panel of judges, including local music industry leaders, selected the top five songs. Those artists were paired with professional record producers to realize the full potential of each song.

The Spring 2017 finalists were given an inside look at the recording process and complete access to some of the best and brightest in Colorado’s music scene. They had unlimited time in the studio, access to outside musicians to enhance their songs, and untold hours of time with their producers in the process of recording, editing and mixing. The results are spectacular, and the process was transformative for all of the students.

Stream eTown’s Handmade Songs, Vol. 6:

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Fall 2016 Handmade Songs

Fall 2016 Handmade Songs Students

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Spring 2016 Handmade Songs

Stream eTown’s Handmade Songs, Vol. 4:

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