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    eTown Comedy Live - June 21, 2018June 21, 2018

    eTown Comedy Live!

    Join us at eTown Hall for eTown Comedy Live. A fun-filled evening featuring comedians Nora Lynch, Nolawee Mengist, CJ Williard & Natalia Kvalem.

    at eTOWN HALL
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    The Road West - eTownJune 23, 2018

    The Road West CD Release Show

    Come join The Road West for a special performance to celebrate the release of their first full-length album. With rich harmonies and inspired arrangements, the recording features twelve original compositions and a number of guest musicians.

    at eTOWN HALL
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    The Flatirons Chamber Music Festival Presents: "Being Human"June 30, 2018

    The Flatirons Chamber Music Festival Presents: “Being Human”

    Join us for a multicultural exploration of the universal realities of the human condition through the works of Argentinian Osvaldo Golijov, Hungarian Béla Bártok, German Robert Schumann, and the World Premiere of a String Octet by Benjamin Park.

    at eTOWN HALL
    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
    Emery Smith -- Alien Autopsy, Crash Retrieval, Time Travel - eTown HallJuly 07, 2018

    Emery Smith — Alien Autopsy, Crash Retrieval, Time Travel

    Emery Smith, former Air Force field medic, is changing the course of UFO history. Emery has provided detailed accounts of autopsying over 3,000 alien specimens, and over 1200 nealy complete bodies. As a result, we are gaining new intel about the massive number of alien species we share our universe with. Emery speaks out despite threats on his life and is finally opening up with deeper levels of information he obtained regarding our ability to time travel, the alien body trade, and the advances in technology and medicine he gained from his exposure to alien technology. David Wilcock will host the event.

    at eTOWN HALL
    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
    Jai Dev & Simrit - eTownJuly 13, 2018

    Jai Dev & Simrit – Opening The 10th Gate: Pineal Gland Activation – A Live Music Kundalini Yoga Experience

    The ’10th gate’, it is the access point to the flow of Supreme Consciousness. Under normal circumstances, this ’10th gate’ remains sealed. But through ancient yogic technology, the life-force in the body can be awakened, the 10th gate unseals, and the sublime flow of the Infinite can be experienced through your own body and mind. Yogis have understood this mystical science for thousands of years. Throughout history, it has been kept ‘hidden’ as esoteric knowledge. In our current age, it is essential that these ‘hidden secrets’ are demystified and made available to any person who wishes to experience real substantive happiness and true fulfillment.

    at eTOWN HALL
    1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
    Jai Dev & Simrit - eTownJuly 14, 2018

    Jai Dev & Simrit – A Love Supreme: A Live Music Kundalini Yoga Experience

    At the base of the spine resides great power. At the top of the crown is profound awareness. Yet, it is in the center of the chest where the power of the human and the magic of the heavens unite. At the nucleus of every being, and in the center of all creation is the force of Love. When this greatest of all powers is unlocked at the heart center, everything changes. That which seemed bitter becomes sweet. That which seemed unattainable is within reach.

    at eTOWN HALL
    1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
    Josh Ritter - eTownJuly 30, 2018

    eTown On The Road: Boone, NC w/ Josh Ritter & Mandolin Orange

    This Summer, we will be heading out to Boone, North Carolina for a special ‘eTown on the Road’ Taping!. This special event co-hosted by Appalachian State University’s Energy Summit and An Appalachian Summer Festival will feature a memorable evening of great music along with on-stage interviews with the artists and the presentation of the eChievement Award to an outstanding volunteer who’s made a real difference in their community and beyond. Special musical guests for this eTown live radio show are Josh Ritter and Mandolin Orange.

    at Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Tony Furtado - eTownAugust 08, 2018

    eTown presents Tony Furtado & Special Guests TBA

    Very few musicians of any stripe so personify a musical genre as completely as Tony Furtado embodies Americana roots music. Tony is an evocative and soulful singer, a wide-ranging songwriter and a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist adept on banjo, cello-banjo, slide guitar and baritone ukulele who mixes and matches sounds and styles with the flair of a master chef (he’s also an accomplished sculptor, but that’s another story). All of the music of America is in Tony’s music. Relix hit the nail on the head when writing of Tony: “True talent doesn’t need categories.”

    at eTOWN HALL
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Lake Street Dive - eTownSeptember 06, 2018

    eTown at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with Lake Street Dive & Josh Ritter

    eTown is thrilled to be heading back to the legendary Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre on September 6th, this time to record two of our favorite artists: retro-soul band Lake Street Dive and  Americana singer/songwriter Josh Ritter. Every year, eTown partners with AEG Presents Rocky Mountains to create a remarkable radio show from one of the world’s most spectacular concert venues. We’ll be doing the interviews with the artists backstage, so the live show will be uninterrupted.

    at Red Rocks Amphitheatre
    7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
    Ajeet Kaur - World Tour 2018 - eTownOctober 20, 2018

    Ajeet Kaur – World Tour 2018

    Ajeet and her band weave together ancient rhythms and melodies, deep meditative spaces and heart-opening songs to bring you on a journey through music. Their concerts are an opening to spirit, a ceremonial space, and an opportunity for deep connection. Accompanied by Ezra Landis on guitar, and Raffa Martinez on percussion, allow Ajeet’s voice to carry you to another realm. Let your voice join with many in a call for healing, a return to the ancient ritual of prayer through song.

    at eTOWN HALL
    7:30 pm - 9:30 pm