eTown Comedy Live - March 21, 2018

eTown Comedy Live!

  • When: March 21, 2018 Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Where: eTOWN HALL / 1535 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302
  • Cost: $10 Plus Applicable Service Fees
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DOORS at 7:00pm (Food & Drink available)
SHOW at 8:00pm

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Join us in the eTown Cafe at eTown Hall for eTown Comedy Live!

Featuring comedians Janae Burris, Harris Alterman, Patrick Scott & Katie Bowman.

Hosted by Cody Spyker!

Headliner: Janae Burris

Janae Burris - eTown Comedy Live

Janae Burris is a comedian, writer and actor in Denver Colorado. She's been a featured performer at Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington Ind and Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival.  She is the 2016 Comedy Works New Faces Champion,  and performs regularly at both Comedy Works locations in Denver. Janae is a member of Pussy Bros, a comedy trio which hosts shows every first Friday at The Comedy Room Room. Catch her podcast "Let's Talk about Death, baby" and see her in the Colorado Shakespeare Festival production of Cyrano Debergerac summer 2018.

@negativenegro on Twitter and Instagram

Feature: Harris Alterman

Harris Alterman - eTown Comedy Live

Harris Alterman is a comedian who lives in Denver, Colorado. He has performed on a number of festivals including The High Plains Comedy Festival, San Francisco Sketchfest, The Cinder Block Comedy Festival, Beast Village, and the well-known show 7 Minutes in Purgatory. He also runs a popular sketch comedy YouTube channel which has been featured on The Guardian,, and the front page of Reddit. Harris is also the winner of a few contests including the Sons of Comedy Anarchy Tournament in Colorado Springs and the 2017 New Faces Contest at the Comedy Works.

Patrick Scott

Patrick Scott - eTown Comedy Live

Patrick is a Colorado based comedian who also believes the earth is flat. Like a lot. The other day he and I were talking about it and I was laughing about how ridiculous it was and he was all like “No dude, that is real. The earth is flat.” And I was all like “are you kidding me?” and then Patrick got all weird. You also might know him from his many appearances on local podcasts like Left Hand Right Brain, Ice Cream Social, The Beer and Banter Hour, Joke and Destroy, Schooling Noah with Aaron Maslow and a Special Guest, Who Wants to Be President, The Disjointed Podcast with David Germain, Ghost Pee, Easily Unamused with Weston Unruh, Use Your Words, and The Up-and-Come-sters. Did  I mention he thinks he has psychic powers? Yeah. He keeps on saying how he can bend spoons with his mind. You go to his house and like all of his spoons are bent. But I think he is just bending those with his hands and telling people he has psychic powers. He refuses to do it in front of people. Like his fellow comic John Pappaiounou his spirit animal is a TI-83 graphing calculator. Yeah, John actually said that and now Patrick says it too. Patrick is highly impressionable.

Katie Bowman

Katie Bowman - eTown Comedy Live

Katie Bowman is a standup and improv comedian out of Denver. Bowman started her comedy career in 2014 and has been developing her act since. Bowman's voice is best described as confessional and goofy. She strives to connect with the audience with bits about her life as a social underdog. Bowman has a brand new monthly showcase at Call to Arms Brewing Company every second Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm. You can also catch her around Denver performing at local spaces.

Host: Cody SpykerCody Spyker - eTown Comedy Live

Cody Spyker is a born and raised western slope Coloradoan, Naropa University Peace Studies alumni, and a nanny-by-day. She co-hosts a weekly podcast—formerly a live am radio show through Radio 1190—called Ice Cream Social. Over three years running, the show features both local Colorado talent as well as nationally touring comedians such as Emily Heller, Myq Kaplan, Scott Dikkers (of the Onion) and David Gborie. She’s performed on the Crom Comedy Festival and for the past two years the High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver, fulfilling a dream of opening for Todd Glass and Eddie Pepitone in 2017. She is the host of eTown Comedy Live! and she loves and likes you very much.

eTown Comedy Live - March 21, 2018