Paul Kimbiris - eTown

Homevibe & eTown present Paul Kimbiris EP Release Show w/ Foxfeather & The Fremonts

  • When: May 12, 2018 Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Where: eTOWN HALL / 1535 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302
  • Cost: $18 Plus Applicable Service Fees
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Join us at eTown Hall for an intimate evening of music with Paul Kimbiris, Foxfeather & The Fremonts!

Unlike eTown's Live Radio Show Tapings, our 'Homevibe & eTown present' series are uninterrupted full concerts that take place in eTown's solar-powered home in Boulder, CO, eTown Hall.

Paul Kimbiris

Paul Kimbiris - eTown

"Paul Kimbiris lets his lyrics do the talking. Armed with a guitar and a collection of intricately crafted, heart-felt words, Kimbiris has put together a solid collection of primarily acoustic tracks dubbed The Dark Side of Pearl. His music sets the mood of intrinsic reflection, with soft melodies, well placed harmonies, and Kimbiris’ deep and alluring voice driving the course. He presents the spirit of freedom with his music- expansive thoughts and sounds uncontained. The album is a solid listen to ease a workday or set the mood out in the Colorado mountains."
Tim Wenger - Colorado Music Buzz

"What would Dylan sound like with a decent set of pipes? This writer’s contention is that it might sound a lot like Boulder’s own Paul Kimbiris, especially on his latest album, “The Dark Side of Pearl.” His vocals are rich and deep with a timbre that occasionally rattles the ground. And yet, he retains the frantic dips and leaps that define the Dylan aesthetic. His songwriting is pretty darn good, too"
Peter Laffin - Bolder Beat

“4 out of 5 stars Singer/songwriter Paul Kimbiris has toured the world opening for acts ranging from the Dead Milkmen to Colorado’s Gregory Alan Isakov (who receives co-writing credits on “Home Soon”). All of that association with great musicians has paid off for Kimbiris on his first full-length release. Co-produced by Kimbiris and Philip Parker (Glowing House) Dark Side of Pearl was recorded in Boulder and Nederland. Kimbiris puts forth a superbly written effort with songs that are delicately phrased and paired with subtle arrangements that aren’t showy, but tasteful and well played.”
Brian F. Johnson - The Marquee


Foxfeather - eTown

Foxfeather is a sultry, alt-americana band founded in 2013 in Boulder, CO . Beginning with a lyrical base, and bolstered by strong blues-rock instrumentals, Foxfeather’s unique sound captivates their audience. The band consists of Carly Ricks Smith (lead vocals),  Laura Paige Stratton (acoustic/electric guitars, keys, vocals), Patrick Coleman (upright/electric bass, violin), Ben Batchelor (drums and percussion), and Ian Hendrick (electric guitar). Foxfeather is a local staple in the Colorado Front Range, and also tours nationally. The band released their EP, Foul Moon, in 2014. In response to this release The Marquee stated that “the group is overflowing with talent” and “Carly Ricks Smith has a spectacular voice which lies somewhere between the folky soprano of a young Joni Mitchell and the jazz-heavy range of Lake Street Dive’s Rachel Price. It’s powerful as well as delicate.” Andy Eppler of The Prairie Scholars said “it’s sexy. It’s original," they "have crafted something very special and instantly like-able on this album.”  The BoulderBeat reviewed Patrick Coleman’s presence on bass as “one of the biggest treats of their performance,” with a “jazzy undertone that rightfully demanded its own attention.” The band is set to release their first full-length, self-titled album, paired with a Colorado release tour in October of 2016.

The Fremonts

The Fremonts - eTown

Born in New York City and raised in Boulder, Colorado, The Fremonts weave Midwestern ghost stories into restless Americana music. Stephanie Dodd (originally from Fremont, Nebraska - vocals/keyboard/xylophone/accordion) and Justin Badger (originally from Fremont, California - vocals/guitar/kick drum) lace their sound with bluegrass, country, blues, folk and indie pop influences. By blending Dodd’s lyrical voice and Badger’s turbulent style, they take on a range of topics from sprawling tales of escape and ambition to quiet disenchantment with traditional roles in American family life. In their three years of creating music together, The Fremonts have unearthed fresh authenticity in their writing and performances through dedicated practice and community building.

“'How do we get to the light, to the beauty and calm we see on the horizon? How do we tame the chaos of our hearts?'  The Fremonts’ answer is to work your ass off to make your own place, and that’s exactly what they have done. They stake a claim, and they’re not giving it up."

Libby Emmons, Spill Magazine

"The Fremonts are a Boulder-based band that know how to combine pretty and gruff in all the best ways. Dodd (vocals/keyboard/xylophone) has a gentle, soothing voice that guides you along their lyrical stories. And Badger (vocals/guitar/suitcase kick drum) brings in strong, turbulent tones. It’s a perfect fit."

-Hannah Oreskovich,