$25 Provides online environmental education

$50 Supply 1 hour of solar power conversion for eTown Hall

$75 Contribute 1 hour of youth mentoring in music

$100 Enables eTown to edit a podcast for listeners all over the world

$250 Gives 1 student the opportunity to perform their original work at the legendary eTown Hall for Handmade Songs

$500 Support the eTones band to provide backup music for a performance

$1,000 supply travel for 1 community hero and eChievement award winner to eTown

$2,500 Provide transportation and accommodation for 1 up and coming artist to perform at eTown

$5,000 Use of the full-equipped eTown Hall facility for other social conscious nonprofits at a highly subsidized rate

$10,000 Pays for one entire live taping of an eTown show

$25,000 Grants you the opportunity to have your voice on an eTown show

Why do you need my donation?

eTown is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We provide our programming to public radio stations and online audiences free of charge. eTown is supported by a combination of donations, grants and live show ticket revenue. About half of our operating needs come from individual supporters who appreciate our quality music, conversations and content. eTown does not receive any government funding or fees from radio stations.

Questions about giving? Please contact


How much do you spend on your administrative and fundraising functions?

eTown allocates approximately 15% of our budget for organization administration and fundraising. That means that 85% of every dollar is directed toward the programming you enjoy.


What type of gifts do you accept?

Donations: eTown is grateful for your donations by mail, online, or over the phone. We also accept gifts of stock and securities.

Planned Giving: If you’d like to ensure eTown is available for future generations of musicians, thought leaders and listeners, please contact us to discuss planned giving options.

Goods and Services: Please contact us to see if we can accommodate your generous offer on in-kind goods or services.

Questions? Please contact

Please make checks payable to eTown. Mailing address:

PO Box 954
Boulder, CO 80306


Where does the money go?

  • Streamlined operations: The eTown production teams are small – we have a staff of only ten to produce more than 30 radio shows each year and employee salaries are below market rate
  • Top notch talent and brilliant minds: Artists and guests receive a small stipend and accommodation while in Colorado
  • Digital media access: Our operating budget includes the delivery of top-quality web content including access to the shows via podcast, video clips and our mobile app
  • eTown’s Handmade Songs Series: eTown produces the Handmade Song Series for high school students who would otherwise not have access to hands-on education in music production and mentorship navigating the music industry
  • Production with a conscience: our commitment to environmental sustainability makes the solar powered, energy efficient and zero-waste eTown Hall the greenest events and production facility in Colorado
  • Community access: Nonprofit organizations utilize eTown Hall at highly subsidized rates and account for more than half of our rentals and increase access to socially conscience and environmental events in the community

Wish List

With more funding, we could:

  • expand eTown programs
    • broaden the reach or our Handmade Songs Series for students
    • produce a jazz series
    • produce an environmental education series
  • Complete eTown’s state-of-the-art recording studio, providing a landmark space for arts and culture to thrive and contribute to Colorado’s economic development
  • expand eTown’s fiber optic capabilities to live stream events and tapings over the web, making content free and accessible worldwide
  • produce an eTown television pilot
  • digitize and organize the eTown archives to provide free public access to 25 years of musical, social and environmental programming