Welcome to Our Newest National Sponsor Avery Brewing Company!

Welcome to our new sponsor Avery Brewing Company

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Two iconic Boulder institutions are joining forces to combine two of Boulder’s greatest loves — craft beer and live music. Avery Brewing Company, a family-owned Boulder craft brewery, is the proud new partner of eTown, a nonprofit company producing musical, social, and environmental radio programming to uplift and inspire listeners around the world.

Avery Brewing has been creating innovative beers since 1993, and as of June 1, 2016, Avery’s beers will now be poured at all events in eTown Hall, located in the heart of downtown Boulder.

“We’ve always been so impressed by eTown’s investment in our community and their commitment to quality and sustainability,” says Avery Brewing’s Founder and CEO, Adam Avery.

“So many of our employees have told me how much they love listening to eTown, and that they’re proud eTown Hall will be pouring our beer. It’s clear that eTown has had a meaningful impact on them, so I’m glad we found a way to make that connection even deeper.”

Adam Avery believes that Avery Brewing and eTown are cut from the same cloth. “As Nick Forster toured us around eTown, I saw how his passion for music mirrored my passion for brewing,” says Avery.Nick enjoying an Avery IPA On Stage

Both Boulder institutions also blend tradition with innovation, he explained. “Their shows are recorded in front of a live audience—which reminds me of listening to Prairie Home Companion way back in the day—and they’ve blended that tradition with a sound system that is state-of-the-art. We make many traditional beer styles but we put our own Avery spin on them and brew them on our state-of-the-art brewing system. I love that there’s this harmony between us…no pun intended.”

Avery explained that the two entities also seem to have a similar demographic. “eTown’s commitment to music is exactly in line with our desire to create perfect beer, so it makes sense that there is such a huge overlap of folks who value both quality live music and quality craft beer!”
The variety of music that eTown attracts means there is something for every one of Avery Brewing’s 200 employees. “I love that eTown isn’t rooted in just one sound or style,” says Avery’s Head Brewer, Fred Rizzo. “We bottle and can more than 35 beers a year, so clearly diversity of portfolio is important to us.”

Avery’s Brewhouse Manager Riley Finnigan added, “Many of us at Avery are musicians and even more of us are passionate about music. We do acoustic jams at the brewery after work, so to have eTown bringing world-class artists to Boulder is an inspiring thing to be around.”

The eTown Bar

Avery Brewing also values eTown’s sustainability efforts, which they consider to be a model for the Boulder community. eTown Hall is a repurposed church that was renovated with recycled materials and topped with solar panels. Avery Brewing is also an innovator within the realm of sustainability, as their partnership with the City of Boulder and its wastewater is the first of its kind. Boulder’s wastewater needs more readily available carbon to allow bacteria to breathe and remove nitrates from the system, and Avery Brewing provides this carbon in the form of weak wort, the sugar water that remains after they’ve steeped malt in hot water to make beer. Both Avery Brewing and eTown have found unique ways of turning waste products into valuable assets to the Boulder community.

Avery Brewing and eTown expect their partnership to strike a chord with many Boulderites and invite them to join them at eTown Hall for a pint.