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eTown at Red Rocks: Lake Street Dive / Josh Ritter / Dr. Ken Lacovara

This week, it’s another installment of ‘eTown on the Road,’ as we’re joined by the powerhouse group Lake Street Dive, as they headline Red Rocks Amphitheater for the first time. If you’re not yet familiar with them, LSD is renowned for their dynamic mix of alt-pop, rock, jazz and R&B, plus stellar vocals. And they come with their newest addition to the band, vocalist/keyboardist Akie Bermiss, the most recent band member to be added. Also stopping by is popular singer/songwriter Josh Ritter (who joined us not too long ago for our Boone, North Carolina road show). And we’ll have a most informative conversation with gifted paleontologist and dear friend Ken Lacovara, about how Red Rocks was formed.

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eTown at Red Rocks: Lake Street Dive / Josh Ritter