As an avid gardener, Korrine Kreilkamp found that she often had excess produce from her vegetable garden, and she noticed at the twice weekly farmer’s market that many of her neighbors seemed to have a surplus of fresh food as well. She knew this unused and unsold produce would largely go to waste, so she decided to start collecting these fruits and vegetables and getting them to people in need. In 2007, Korrine founded Community Roots, a bicycle-driven organization where volunteers collect excess produce from the farmer’s markets, donations from home gardeners, and more recently, vegetables from their new community garden; this produce is rinsed, weighed, and sorted before being delivered to fifteen local food banks and soup kitchens. With the help of over 300 volunteers, Community Roots has distributed well over 40,000 lbs of fresh, healthy food in just a few short years.

Contact Information:

Phone: 208-667-9093


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