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Annie Okerlin of Tampa, Florida opened her own yoga studio and began teaching yoga classes in 1999. One of her very first students thought Annie’s style of teaching would be beneficial for wounded veterans and, as a veteran himself, suggested she try working with an amputee in Washington DC to see if adaptive yoga could help this veteran heal. Yoga had an incredibly positive impact on this veteran, and Annie founded the Exalted Warrior Foundation in 2006 to help veterans with both seen and unseen injuries supplement their physical therapy by cultivating relaxation techniques and facilitating a receptive and understanding community of support. Since 2006, the Exalted Warrior Foundation has worked with more than 12,000 veterans at 8 hospitals and medical centers around the country.

Contact Information:

Phone: (813) 251-9668
Address: 1112 W. Platt Street | Tampa, Florida 33606


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