Joshua Williams is a typical young boy in many ways, except that he is the founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to helping end world hunger. When Joshua was not quite five years old, he and his mother were walking down the street when he saw a homeless man. He so wanted to help this man that he gave him the $20 in spending money his grandmother had given him. Later, Joshua saw a TV commercial about starving children in Africa and he asked his mom to sponsor all of them. While they couldn’t take that on, he knew then and there that it wasn’t right for people anywhere to go hungry when he had so much. He and his family began cooking meals and giving them to the hungry in downtown Miami once a week. Soon they were giving away boxes of food to more than 150 families at every distribution and continuing to grow. Joshua’s Heart Foundation has expanded their programs to providing items of basic necessity such as food and other grocery products, as well as engaging and educating communities about ways to fight hunger and poverty. Since 2005, Joshua’s Heart Foundation has given away well over 1/2 million pounds of food and fed more than 10,000 people.

Contact Information:

Phone: 305-788- 8295
Address: P.O Box 640342 | Miami, FL 33164


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