eChievement Award - Robert Adamson - One Bistro

One Bistro is a faith-based non-profit Biznistry® established for the betterment of their communities in both Miamisburg and Xenia, Ohio. Their mission is to provide a place where their neighbors eat and come together as one community.

At One Bistro’s core is a place from which they strive to serve a healthy, affordable meal to their neighbors, both those who have the ability to pay and those who under normal circumstances would not be able to eat out.

As a Social Entrepreneurship, One Bistro exists to help the hungry find a meal. To help the lost find hope. To help the addicted find support. To help the homeless find a sense of home with a family at one bistro. To help the mentally and physically impaired find meaning and acceptance as a valued volunteer. An investment in One Bistro is an investment in people.

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