2015 Handmade Songs Series

Stream eTown’s Handmade Songs, Vol. 3:

Covex (Brendan Bell) – “City of Angels”

Liam Spichiger – “Soldier of Love”


Tanner Shioshita – “Through and Through”

Coleman Dickson – “It’ll Be Alright”

Anna Scholfield – “Enough”

Ocean Pleasant – “Age Of My Soul”

2014 Handmade Songs Series

Elise Legendre – “Calling”

LizzaTheAlien (Nina Moldawsky) – “Trying”

Empire (Steve D’Epangier) – “Past, Present & Future”

Bear Moran – “Thalassophobia”

Avi Kolbrener – “Lost In Time”

2013 Handmade Songs Series