eChievement Award Spotlight – Brandon Dennison (Coalfield Development)

eTown eChievement Award - Brandon Dennison - Coalfield Development

As a college student, Brandon Dennison volunteered with his church to repair homes in West Virginia’s coal country. He never forgot seeing people his own age desperate for paying work.  In 2010, Brandon founded Coalfield Development Corporation as a community-based non-profit organization providing affordable homes, creating quality jobs, and generating opportunities for a full life for low- income families in southern West Virginia.

eTown eChievement Award - Brandon Dennison - Coalfield Development

From The Beginning

In 2009 volunteers started to address concerns about housing in Wayne, WV. It was quickly realized that traditional charity was not nearly enough to address the deep, generational challenges they faced. After intense community engagement, the Coalfield Development pioneered a relationship-based, holistic approach to on-the-job training. Unemployed and underemployed people were hired to construct green affordable housing. Today, crew members participate in a workforce development program according to their 33-6-3 model: 33 hours a week are spent doing on-the-job training, along with participation in workshops and trainings; 6 hours a week are devoted to community college and business classes for an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences; and 3 hours a week are committed to personal development coaching.

eTown eChievement Award - Brandon Dennison - Coalfield Development


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