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Bettye LaVette / Vilray / Award Winner: Rose Tourje of ANEW

We’ve got a soulful hour of music and conversation this week featuring the legendary soul singer Bettye LaVette. Bettye’s gift is being able to take a song, whether well known or obscure, from any genre and make it completely her own. She began performing and recording during the birth of soul music in the 60s and is still touring today. Also with us is NYC-based composer and musician Vilray, who offers jazz and country-style swing music as it was performed in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. All of this, plus a conversation with Rose Tourje, founder of a nonprofit organization that rescues usable office furniture, supplies, and equipment from the landfill, then sends it to schools and organizations in poorer areas.

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Bettye LaVette / Vilray