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eTown Time Capsule: The Indigo Girls / Nathaniel Rateliff

We continue our dive into the eTown archives with this exceptional 2010 rebroadcast (full episode) with the Indigo Girls, Emily Saliers and Amy Ray. This was originally an ‘eTown on the road’ show done from the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a bit of intrigue thrown in: When Amy misses her plane, Nick, Helen, and the rest of the eTones are enlisted to fill in in her absence. While they make beautiful music with Emily in the first set of the show, the question arises: will Amy make it to the theater in time to join Emily for their second set in the show? Tune in and find out. Also on the program for his first eTown visit is now iconic singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff, who was an up-and-coming young artist at the time. The E-Chievement Award honors a dedicated Fort Collins citizen who shares his story about helping abused children with us.