While attending college in Colorado, Ali Dunford briefly dated a fellow student who was a “dumpster diver,” meaning someone who routinely searches trash dumpsters around town for any usable items. The amount of perfectly good, edible food they found blew Ali’s mind. After college, Ali moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and decided to save money by “dumpster diving” for her food there as well. After a chance encounter with a particularly bountiful dumpster, Ali decided she needed to do something to salvage all this edible food, far more than she could possibly use, to keep it from the landfill and get it to the poor and hungry in her area. In the summer of 2013, Ali founded Hole Food Rescue as a volunteer-driven, grassroots organization to collect food waste from grocery stores, bakeries, and farmers markets and give it to people who need it. They provide over 2,500 lbs of food each week to 400 people in the Jackson Hole area, distributing well over 100,000 lbs of fresh, healthy food since they started.

Contact Information:

Phone: (720) 470-0769
Address: 1524 Martin Lane Unit B, Jackson, WY 83001 / Mailing Address: PO Box 2955, Jackson, WY 83001


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