Renee Boughman worked for many years working as a chef in a fine dining restaurant, but she always wondered why the best, healthiest foods went to people with the highest incomes when the people of less means are truly in need. This thought stayed with her, and one day she and a couple of her church members were talking about how to create something that would meet this need and feed the hungry in their small community. Someone overheard their conversation and introduced them to One World Cafe, a pay-what-you-can cafe. They thought this model would be perfect for their community, so in 2009 they started fundraising and getting the word out about creating a similar cafe in Boone. They opened F.A.R.M Cafe, which stands for Feed All Regardless of Means, in 2012 as a low-waste, local, sustainable, pay-what-you-can eating establishment that has served more than 30,000 meals to date, a good portion of which went to people in need.

Contact Information:

Phone: (828) 386-1000
Address: 617 West King Street | Boone, North Carolina 28607


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