In 2003, University of Texas junior Kristin Walter was looking for a way to get involved with an organization that addressed issues of gender inequality, particularly concerning the silencing of women. Kristin’s mentor introduced her to The Hunger Project, a non-profit committed to ending world hunger through empowering women as change-makers, and Kristin knew she needed to get involved. She also knew that investing was one of the most powerful ways to give, but she didn’t have any of her own money to donate. So she started making grilled cheese sandwiches and giving them away on campus as a way of starting conversation and collecting donations for The Hunger Project. At the end of the first school year of doing this, she had raised $10,000. For each grilled cheese given, they ask for a donation of “whatever feels good,” giving the organization it’s name. Officially founded in 2005 by Kristin and her best friend Talis Apud, FeelGood has raised more than $1.5 million, mobilizing more than 16,000 people out of chronic hunger, and started student-led chapters on 24 campuses around the country, engaging more than 1,500 volunteers.

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