Melisa is originally from Texas, but has chosen Colorado as home. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado. She has worked with individuals who have developmental disabilities for over 15 years. Through these experiences, Melisa recognized the significant, unmet need for meaningful work in the disabled community & developed & implemented the concept of SustainAbility.  SustainAbility is a recycling company that combines passion for the environment & recycling with an understanding that every human being is unique and has gifts and talents to offer our communities and our planet.  A majority of SustainAbility’s workforce is comprised of individuals who have intellectual/developmental disabilities; a segment of our society that struggles with an over 70% unemployment rate in Colorado. They provide residential & commercial recycling pick-ups, offer two drop-off sites for electronics and hard-to-recycle items and single-stream recycling.

Contact Information

Phone: 303-425.9226
Address: 6240 West 54th Avenue, Arvada, CO



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