Carol Parker had a lifelong dream of doing international public health work, but as a mother of four she was not able to travel to Africa and pursue that dream. However, once all her kids grew up and moved out, she decided to give that dream a second look. In 2004, she took a month long volunteer opportunity to work with AIDS-affected people in Tanzania, helping poor families with end-of-life care. On the plane ride home, Carol decided to return to Tanzania to continue helping these people. Not long after, she founded The Pamoja Project to provide support for orphaned children as well as end-of-life care. As treatment for AIDS became available in developing countries, the Pamoja Project’s focus shifted to helping people live with AIDS by providing nutritional education, student sponsorships, vocational training, microloans, and access to clean water. Since 2004, The Pamoja Project has helped more than 20,000 AIDS-affected people live better, healthier lives in Tanzania.

Contact Information:

Phone: 505-470-6665
Address: P.O Box 24307 | Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502


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