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About eTown Hall

eTown Hall is a multi-purpose building in the heart of downtown Boulder that is not only home to eTown’s offices, but is also a world-class live music venue, full service recording studio and a real community center. Since 1991, eTown has been committed to environmental education and “doing the right thing.” This building, converted from an old church facility, is quite possibly the greenest music and media center in Colorado!

eTown Hall is unique – not another venue in the country like it. It’s recycled (a former church), rebuilt (a total renovation from the ground up), renovated (state of the art sound systems, recording studio) repurposed (a green building that makes its own solar power, has extremely efficient heating and cooling, used recycled and repurposed materials in the renovation) and reinvigorated (the community LOVES eTown Hall!).


1918: The congregation of Boulder Church of the Nazarene purchases the lot at 16th and Spruce

1922: The congregation hand excavates the basement, puts a roof over it and begins to hold church services.

1925: The second floor of the rustic stone church building is completed and the Nazarenes begin holding services in the sanctuary.

1943: The congregation continues to renovate the church themselves during their personal free time. The renovations include the expansion of the façade, removal of the bell tower, completely covering the stone exterior with stucco, adding a steel truss roof and a loft for the choir.

1944: The renovations are completed, and the congregation resumes holding services in the newly expanded space.

1959: A gymnasium is added to the north of the church built of cement block.

1960: Volunteers build additional classrooms with masonry blocks, adding 6,550 ft. of floor space to the existing structure.

1980: The building is sold to Unity Church.

1991: The building is sold to The Salvation Army.

1996: Boulder developer Stephen Tebo purchases the building.

2008: eTown purchases the building from Stephen Tebo and begins planning to renovate and transform the structure into eTown Hall.

2009: eTown embarks on a capital campaign to raise funds for the extensive renovation and restoration of the historic building.

2012: eTown Hall opens its doors to the Boulder community.

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Acoustic & Sound Design by Sam Berkow at SIA Acoustics