When:April 7, 2023
Time:7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Where:eTOWN HALL / 1535 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302
Cost:$15plus taxes & fees
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Doors @ 6 pm ~ Show @ 7 pm

All Ages Welcome

No Refunds / Exchanges


eTown is excited to welcome Bendigo Fletcher and The Wonderfool to eTown Hall!



Bendigo Fletcher

The full-length debut from Bendigo Fletcher, Fits of Laughter is a collection of moments both enchanted and mundane, sorrowful and ecstatic: basking in the beauty of a glorious lightning storm, waking with a strand of your beloved’s hair happily caught in your mouth, drinking malt liquor while bingeing “The X-Files” on a lonesome Saturday night. As lead songwriter for the Louisville, KY-based band, frontman Ryan Anderson crafts the patchwork poetry of his lyrics by serenely observing the world around him, often while working his grocery-store day job or walking aimlessly in nature (a practice partly borrowed from the late poet Mary Oliver). When matched with Bendigo Fletcher’s gorgeously jangly collision of country and folk-rock and dreamy psychedelia, the result is a batch of story-songs graced with so much raw humanity, wildly offbeat humor, and a transcendent sense of wonder.

The Wonderfool

The Wonderfool—the recording project of singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Matt Vinson—is a soundtrack for early mornings and late nights. Dreamt into existence by an Ohio native who's spent the better part of a decade onstage, on the road, and in the recording studio, it's indie-folk music to bookend your day. Stuck indoors by the pandemic that had forced his other band—the chart-topping folk group CAAMP—to cancel their touring plans, Vinson found himself with ample time on his hands. He turned that isolation into an opportunity to create something new. Operating out of his home studio in Columbus, Vinson began piecing together The Wonderfool's fourth release, Shiner, during a series of morning songwriting sessions and day-long studio shifts. “Shiner” was released on August, 11th 2021 via Gjenny Records.