When:October 14, 2018
Time:2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Cost: $25 - $50 Plus Applicable Service Fees

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Women of Resolution brings to stage the stories of Araceli Velasquez, Ingrid Encalada Latorre, Rosa Sabido, and Sandra Lopez. These four Colorado women took Sanctuary in their fight for justice and to stay with their families, and they are the authors of The People’s Resolution, which offers a simple, replicable, legislative solution designed to prevent other Colorado families from being separated. Because the women can’t leave Sanctuary to read their own stories, or come to the legislature to advocate for their rights, their stories will be read on stage by members of the Colorado State Legislature: Rep. Jonathan Singer, Rep. Leslie Herod, Rep. Joseph Salazar, and Rep. Mike Foote. The reading will be interwoven with photographs by Joel Dyer and music of Teresita Lozano. The reading will be followed by a poetic response from national slam poet winner Dominique Christina, and a panel of Sanctuary Movement and faith leaders including Jeanette Vizguerra. This event is part of Motus Theater’s UndocuAmerica Performance and Media Project

Motus Theater has been using original theater to increase awareness, impact attitudes and inspire action on immigration since 2013. And since 2017 we have been pairing up our undocumented writers/performers with law enforcement leaders and musical icons… like Yo-Yo Ma - to bring their stature and artistry to amplify the voice of undocumented leaders across the country.


In 2018 and 2019, Motus Theater will develop and present the innovative UndocuAmerica Performance & Media Project. The UndocuAmerica project aims to interrupt the dehumanizing portrayals of immigrants and instead encourage thoughtful engagement on the challenges facing the undocumented community and the assets they bring to our country. Motus will work with undocumented leaders to help them write powerful stories about their lives and then use media to reach Americans across our country through a national podcast and live-streamed performances to Sanctuary churches throughout our country. Our UndocuRadio program/podcast will be the first radio program in the nation about the lives of undocumented people. And the media outreach will feature not only undocumented storytellers but law enforcement leaders, business and education leaders reading stories of undocumented people to show the strong alliance between immigrants and non-immigrants across our country. Challenging the dehumanizing narratives in media is essential to the safety of immigrants in our community, of our country, and our democracy. Contact Laura Peniche for more information at Laura@motustheater.org For more information about Motus Theater at http://motustheater.org