Ringing in the New Year with Tegan and Sara!

Hello friends. Well it’s the holiday season, as we all know. It can be the best of times or the worst of times, depending on what’s going on in your personal world. Things like family dynamics, the groove at work, your social scene, spiritual satisfaction or lack of it . . all of that, and more, factors into whether you enjoy this time of year or dread it. I tend to believe that we’re all connected, and working off that belief system, I would speculate that what’s going on in the world-at-large also affects us. Both the good stuff and the bad.

DSC_3569Whatever your situation this year, we sincerely wish you a safe, sane, splendid holiday season. And we’re going to head toward the New Year with a really fun show: The dynamic Canadian (I love Canadians!) sisters Tegan and Sara join us with their infectious indie/pop, highly recognizable synth sound. To date, they’ve sold a million + cds and toured with a ton of amazing musicians, ranging from Neil Young to Dallas Green (aka City & Colour) to Taylor Swift. They sell out to packed crowds on a routine basis, so it’s quite a coup to have them with us in our intimate 200 seat, acoustically awesome venue. They’re two very cool and thoughtful people, super aware of the importance of environmental sustainability and social consciousness, which makes Tegan and Sara a great fit for eTown’s mission and message.

DSC_3859To round out the show, we welcome soulful singer/songwriter Joshua James. He was on the list about a year ago as one of Paste Magazine’s “Next 25 Artists You Need to Know.” I think you’ll love his sound; he’s very real, very down to earth. He plays and sings with great emotion.

We’ll also have a moving eChievement Award story about a woman enabling low-income folks to stay warm through those bitter cold New England winters.

Once again, happy holidays! Happy New Year too. And thank you all for your enthusiasm for, and support of, eTown’s mission, message and music. We could not do it without you.