A Harp On Stage? – Yes, Please.

This week’s broadcast/podcast brings a pairing of newcomers to the eTown stage, as well as a moving eChievement Award interview. It’s also the first time a harp has graced the stage at eTown Hall outside of the classical setting.

IMG_9994First up is Katie Herzig. Katie is originally from Colorado, but now finds herself living in Nashville, and enjoying a career as a songwriter. Her music has been heard on countless television programs and movies, and for good reason. She’s smart, original and her songs hold up as masterpieces in any delivery style – built up with a large band, or stripped down to just Katie and a guitar. Nick and Helen (and the eTones) join Katie on a few songs, and adapt seamlessly per usual. I’m always impressed by the eTone’s ability to really branch out when duty calls. Nick and Helen’s ability to realize an artist’s musical vision, no matter how diverse the sound may be, is something that always blows me away. (See the video below for Katie’s song “Frequencies” and you’ll see what I mean.)

IMG_8136Also with us for a first visit is Montreal-based group the Barr Brothers. Andrew and Brad Barr first made a mark on the music scene with their earlier, nimble trio called The Slip. I used to see The Slip everywhere back when I was touring in the earlier 2000’s. I was always a fan of their music, their songwriting and in particular, Andrew Barr’s approach to playing the drums. At the taping for this week’s episode, Andrew played a bicycle wheel, banjo strings, tied bells around his ankles, and did just about anything else you could do to add atmosphere to the band’s already mighty soundscapes. The interaction between the band and their harp player is amazing! Also joining them on stage is Denver-based guitarist Dave Devine, who is a master in his own right. Check out his other band, Relay, if you are so inclined.

IMG_0134Rounding everything out this week is a great, in-person eChievement Award story focusing on Bob Bell’s organization, Food For Thought, that has devised a great strategy for providing nutritious food to lees fortunate school children in the Denver area.

It’s another great show this week. Be sure to tune in, podcast and watch the videos!


– Zack