The Dirty South To The Northern Coast

The weeks are flying by, and pretty soon we’ll be looking at a new year entirely. While most folks keep track of time using a calendar or a watch, we find ourselves monitor the passing weeks with our broadcast/podcasts. A new one lands every Wednesday morning, and this week we have a really unique pairing of artists that couldn’t be more different, while also fitting together perfectly.

RA 2Sisters Leah and Chloe Smith of  Rising Appalachia grew up in Atlanta, and have since absorbed many of the musical traditions from that area of the country to create a one-of-a-kind music stew that makes one heck of a joyful noise. RA 1There’s a little bit of New Orleans in there, a pinch or two of bluegrass, some old time flavorings, and much more. The end result – it tastes good to your ears.

eTown -40_2Also with us is San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Sean Hayes who makes his first visit to eTown to share songs from his collection of musical stories. Sean is a genuinely nice guy, who writes songs from the heart about less-than-typical subject matter. Listeners will get a glimpse into a few of the stories behind his lyrics, during his interview portion of the show with eTown host Nick Forster.

Award stageWe also have a great, in-person eChievement Award segment a doctor who stops in to share his incredible story about helping folks in need in Ethiopa. All in all, a well-rounded week, this week in eTown.

Be sure to tune in, podcast and check out the videos below.

– Zack