eChievement Award Spotlight – Dr. William Brown (One World Medical Relief)

Dr. William Brown - One World Medical Relief - eChievement Award

Tanzania is a country where children with disabilities are hidden away from society. A cleft lip, for example, is a birth defect and is something that’s easy to treat. The goal of the One World Medical Relief team is to treat things like this and other defects. It’s rewarding to all those involved to be able to get these children into society and it helps them bond more with their parents. The One World Medical Relief medical team travel to Tanzania at least twice a year to not only complete hundreds of surgeries a year, but to also work with the native surgeons to get them up-to-speed and into the 21st Century. Within the past five years, they’ve developed a formal surgical training program, and OWMR doctors assist with this. They’ve trained the doctors to treat many things including burns, head and neck cancers, and cleft lip and cleft palate repairs.