A Sense Of Place with Drew Holcomb & Del Barber

There’s no doubt about it – where you are can have a huge effect on who you are as a person at any point in time, as well as who you become as you continue to grow older. The same goes for music. Place plays a huge role in how music is formed. An environment can bleed its way into the sounds of an instrument, and the subtleties and inflections of a singer’s voice. Different landscapes can also call for different sounds to go along with them. How many times have you been on a road trip, and put great thought into what music you’d listen to at various stages in the drive? It’s almost as if each changing landscape calls for just the right music to accompany your stares through the windshield.

IMG-1031AThis week we have two great musical guests that prove that a connection to PLACE is a big thing in music. Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors join us from Nashville (by way of Memphis), while Del Barber joins us all the way from the Canadian Prairies region. Both artists bring lots of stories with them in their music, as well as to share with eTown host Nick Forster during the interview portions. Place has played a huge role in the art these artists make. IMG-1045 - Version 2When you are listening, see if you can pick out the subtleties, as well as any places where influences may overlap. It will be a fun game, not unlike games you might play in your car during a road trip.

Our eChievement Award winner this week tells his story of transformation from a natural products business titan, to a man who wanted to find more meaning in his life by finding a unique way to combat malnutrition around the world by providing vitamins to people in need.

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– Nick H.