When Colorado resident Beth Heckel heard about the devastating conditions in Ugandan refugee camps, she knew she had to do something to help. She went to Uganda to see firsthand the challenges there and learned of the real dangers of malaria; many children were getting seriously ill and even dying from this preventable disease. Beth discovered that a very simple and inexpensive item could both save lives and prevent the spread of this life-threatening disease: bed nets. In 2007, Beth founded Think Humanity and became a full-time volunteer dedicated to helping refugees, distributing more than 30,000 bed nets, building water wells and health clinics, and providing health and women’s education. To date, Think Humanity has protected more than 120,000 people with bed nets and impacted hundreds of thousands of people to date through their various efforts.

Contact Information:

Phone: 970-667-9335
Address: 2880 Spring Mountain Drive | Loveland, CO 80537


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