An Established Legend and One Soon To Be

What a week it has been here in eTown. If the first few weeks of 2015 are any indication, we are in for a great (and busy) year here in the world of eTown. Last week we had two great tapings, followed by a very special event for this year’s high school participants in our Handmade Songs Series. It’s a very cool program that mentors talented high school-aged aspiring musicians from performance through the recording process. It’s pretty amazing to see and hear how talented these young folks are in the early stages of their musical exploration. You can check out their music, and watch videos of each student over in the Handmade Songs section of our site, HERE.

This week’s eTown broadcast/podcast is no slouch either. This week we have a musical legend, paired with an up-and-coming singer/songwriter that is already making huge strides with her unique voice and cinematic music.
IMG-1013_BruceFirst up, our friend and long-time eTowner, Bruce Cockburn makes another stop in eTown to catch up, share some classics from his bottomless library of music and fill us in on his brand new memoir – Rumours Of Glory. While I personally was less up to speed on Bruce’s vast catalog as our enthusiastic taping audience was, I really enjoyed getting to hear Bruce sing, play and share stories about a few of songs that have touched lives for decades. Bruce is a master at his craft, with equal parts technique, heart and soul. He is also has one of the most interesting approaches to fashion I have seen among eTown’s many guests. I know Bruce’s fans are so dedicated. He bleeds conviction in his music, and that kind of dedication makes a joyful noise – Especially in our little, acoustically-design musical clubhouse.

IMG-1043Also with us this week is New York City-based (with Austin origins) singer/songwriter Kat Edmonson. Kat was with us once before, and she blew me away back then. She was on the show with Dr. Jane Goodall, and I remember how captivated the audience was with her music. This time she was even better! One of my favorite things in music is the concept of space. To me that is the most musical thing you can throw at a song. Nothing. Just empty space. Kat’s sparse music is the perfect backdrop for her lyrical delivery. It gives you chills. Check out the video below for her song All The Way, and you’ll see what I mean.
IMG-1124_awardAlong with the great music this week, we have a very nice, in-person eChievement Award story focusing on a man who found a way to make a difference tackling Africa’s AIDS epidemic. Be sure to check out his organization and help out where you can.


Enjoy the show!


– Zack