eTown Archive – 11.15.2009 – Imogen Heap / Gregory Alan Isakov

Imogen Heap / Gregory Alan Isakov / eTown

We were digging through the eTown Archive today and came across this wonderfully unique taping from November of 2011 featuring the talented British singer-songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Imogen Heap (who was making her eTown debut) as well as long-time friend of eTown Gregory Alan Isakov.

After giving the show a listen, we decided that we had to share with all of you eTowners out there!

Imogen Heap, a Grammy award winning artist, shared her most-innovative songs with arrangements mixing both electronic and traditional instrumentation. In her interview with our host Nick Forster, she gives the audience a sonic tour of some of these unique instruments and sounds.

Gregory Alan Isakov was making his return to the eTown stage as an eTown favorite. The Boulder based singer-songwriter has built a large national following and has won accolades from all around—like this one: “Hands down one of the best new songwriters on the scene.” (Amy Ray, Indigo Girls).

As if this show wasn’t good enough already, Imogen, Gregory and the eTones all get together for a truly one-of-a-kind cover of Queen‘s classic rock anthem “We Will Rock You”! It’s hard to describe so you’ll just have to give it a listen.

Relax, enjoy, and if you feel inclined, leave a comment at the bottom of the page telling us your thoughts about the show as well as what eTown shows you would like to see us dig up next!